Perhaps it’s the winding nature of the river itself or all of the hidden creatures and treasures beneath the waves, but river travel has a mysterious quality to it. As such, whitewater rafting is often the subject of many myths and mistakes. Some hold an edge of truth to them, while others just don’t hold water.

Here at Killgore Adventures, we’ve spent most of our lives out on the Salmon and Snake Rivers, and during that time, we’ve learned a lot about river travel, so let’s separate fact from fiction.

Only Athletic People Will Enjoy Whitewater Rafting

Total myth! The beautiful thing about the great outdoors is that it doesn’t judge, so why should you? People of all levels of skill and fitness can have a great time while whitewater rafting. That’s because it’s a team sport. You’ll work with your friends, family, and the river guide to navigate your way through Hells Canyon. We won’t lie, you’re in for a workout, but you’ll find that even the most experienced river guides will feel tired after a long day on the river.

You Move Too Fast To See Any of the Scenery

It’s true when you hit a pretty big wave train, you can really get moving on that raft. The banks of the river seem to rip by you at high speed, meaning you miss the exotic plants and wildlife that dot the walls of the canyon. But not every minute is spent at this pace. In fact, you might find yourself in stretches of slow water, where the river widens, and the only wave you see is from the river guide on the next raft over. Your river experience will feel like a long time while you’re on the boat, but will seem like it went by too fast when you reach your takeout point!

You’re Limited In What You Can Wear

It’s true, you should avoid wearing cotton clothes if you want to dry off quickly after your adventure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself out on the water. River guides love it when you show off your flair! Bring a silly hat with you, rock your Hawaiian t-shirts, and break out the breakaway pants. The river is your runway and it’s ready for you to show off your most daring outfits. Of course, just make sure anything you bring with you at the start of the trip makes it with you to the end. You don’t need to leave anything in the river!

You’ve Paddled One River, You’ve Paddled Them All

That’s kinda like saying that Seattle is the same city as New York. While all rivers might share some features like waves, water, and wild times, that doesn’t mean that every run is the same. Every trip is unique and some regions offer distinct challenges and features that can’t be found anywhere else. Not only that, the environments change dramatically between rivers and even sections of the same river. For instance, the rapids in the Lower Salmon River are much more approachable for beginners, whereas the Middle Fork features some of the most challenging rapids in the state of Idaho.

Multi-Day Raft Trips Means Roughing It

If you’ve been backpacking, you know that bringing enough gear to be comfortable overnight and on the trail is a hard balance to strike. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Whitewater rafts are a bit like the station wagon of the water world. You can pack a surprising amount of stuff in a raft, meaning you get to camp in luxury as you travel. Our river guides will bring roomy tents, comfy sleeping pads, properly cooking utensils and grills, and even a portable bathroom if need be. You’ll soon find that river travel is probably the most refined form of outdoor exploration!

I Need My Phone to Have Fun

There’s a lot wrong with that statement, but we don’t have time to unpack it all. That fact is, we all probably spend too much time on our phones and other devices. We get it, they’re bright, shiny, and take cute photos when you use that dog filter, but we think you’ll find that you don’t even notice that you don’t have your phone with you. Rafting is a great way to disconnect from the digital world, and plug into the natural one instead. When you’re focused on paddling in time with your friends, you’re forging deeper connections, making memories, and living in the moment. In fact, when you get back, you might find you start leaving your phone behind more often!

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