We keep busy here at Killgore Adventures. As we tip into fall and things start to cool off, we start to offer more of our adventure fishing trips, and very jet boat tours. But if you’re feeling a little fished out, or have caught more than your fair share of sturgeon, you might wander into White Bird, Idaho, our humble home. While we’ve been a part of the Idaho outdoor adventure industry for nearly 15 years, we’ve been a part of the White Bird community for much longer than that. Take a look at all that White Bird has to offer while you’re on a jet boat tour with our Idaho river outfitters.

The Gateway to the Salmon River

White Bird is perhaps best known for its proximity to some of the regions most amazing natural resources, in particular, the Salmon River. This river offers outdoor recreators a near endless list of opportunities for play, exploration, and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to float along the river itself on a whitewater raft trip, hunt along its banks, or just enjoy a day hike, you can easily access the Snake River area from White Bird.

Not far from White Bird is the equally scenic Snake River. As White Bird is nestled between two immense rivers, it’s offered referred to as the “Twin River” area by locals who enjoy the natural beauty these features provide. 

Why Don’t You Stay a While

Once you’ve finished your jet boat tour with us, there’s no need to pack the family back into the van and head home. White Bird offers a variety of lodging options for those looking for more rustic accommodations and those looking for a night of luxury. The Swiftwater RV Park is ideal for those who bring everything with them, including the kitchen sink. But if you’re looking for quick camping, Killgore Adventures offers improved campsites that are perfect for weekend getaways. There’s also the Whitebird Summit Lodge, and the Canyon House, which offer modern amenities in this timeless landscape.

White Bird might look small, but it’s full of great dining and shopping options. There are great dining options like Red’s Cafe and the historic Silver Dollar Bar. If you’re looking for a gift you simply can’t find anywhere else, stop by White Bird Antiques.

A Town Rich in History

While today the town might seem like a quiet place, it’s history was one of violence and noise. In June of 1877, the opening battle of the Nez Perce War was fought in White Bird Canyon. Here, The Nez Perce, led by Chief White Bird, trounced U.S. Army soldiers, that left nearly 40 dead. By taking Old White Bird Grade Road and US-95, you can drive past the site of the battle and gain an appreciation for the conditions the combatants fought in.

Not far from White Bird is the Historical Museum at the Monastery of St. Gertrude. This wonderful museum preserves the historic character and culture of the Snake and Salmon River region, curating artifacts from the Nez Perce and settlers who called this area home.

In and around White Bird, you’ll find other ties to the past, like the petroglyphs, the Sheep Creek Ranch, Dr. Foskett’s House & Drug Store, and the Old Methodist Church.

An Adventure You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Of course, one of the biggest attractions in White Bird is Killgore Adventures. Our Idaho river outfitters can take you down the twists and turns of Hells Canyon in our famous jet boats or on a nimble whitewater raft. If you’re looking to get a new perspective on White Bird, be sure to check out our amazing helicopter tours! We’re excited to see you in White Bird!