It’s no secret that the crew of Killgore Adventures loves a good fishing trip. In fact, one of the reasons we got into this business was so we could share our love for the sport with others. On our adventure fishing trips, we meet and cast with anglers of all ages and skills levels. As some of the ablest anglers on the water, we’re always asked about some of the tips and tricks we use. That’s why we’ve put together this quick-hitting list of simple tips that can help you improve your fly fishing!

#1: Know Thy Fish

When you first start fly fishing, you might be content to simply “fish.” It doesn’t matter what’s on the end of the line, so long as you can catch it, and even eat it later. One of the most effective ways to improve your fly fishing skills is to study the type of fishing you’re going for. You can start by finding out more about the fish in your region. For instance, here in Hells Canyon, we have a wide variety of fish. You’ll find a little bit of everything while fishing in the Salmon and Snake Rivers, including trout, salmon and even the giant sturgeon.

Just like people, no two fish are alike, and different types of fish will like different kinds of bait. Knowing what kind of fish lies beneath the water will help you determine what you need to bring with you on your next outing. Which leads us to point two…

#2: Understand Your Equipment and Why You’re Using It

Like with any hobby, sport, or activity, you can dive as deep into it as you want, or have a cursory knowledge of the skills and techniques needed to be successful. But if you’re looking to take your fly fishing game up a notch, one of the easiest ways of doing so is to familiarize yourself with your equipment.

For many new fly fishers, the familiarity with their gear might end with the brand name and model of their rod and reel. While this can help them purchase replacement parts and accessories, it doesn’t do much to help them actually fish. Take the time to figure out which flies are best suited for the kind of fishing you’re going after. Similarly, think about the type and weight of line you’re using.

Depending on the fish you’re going after, you may need to adjust what kind of equipment you’re using. This could necessitate a change in what kind of rod and reel you’re using as well.

#3: Slow it Down

After your first few casts result in no bites or you struggle to get your cast to land right where you want it, you might start to get frustrated. Invariably, this means that you start to cast faster, thrashing your line about the water.

It’s important to remember to slow down. Slowing yourself down makes your motions and actions more deliberate. By allowing yourself to focus on the fundamentals, you’ll find that your next cast is cleaner and more precise.

#4: Just Fish More

We always note a look of frustration when we tell our clients this. Yes, to see the most improvement in your fly fishing, you simply have to do more of it. You’ll get more practice, and through trial and error, figure out systems and techniques that work best for you and the spots you’re fishing at. Your skills will develop, and you’ll become a more confident and capable fly fisher.

If you’re looking for a fishing trip like none other, then Killgore Adventures has just the thing. We offer adventure fishing trips throughout the year. With trips up both the Snake River and the Salmon River, you can take advantage of some of the best fishing that Idaho has to offer, all while traveling in our amazing jet boats! Book your trip today.