One of the best parts of going on an adventure, be it a trip to a National Park, through Hells Canyon, or simply to a new part of town, is sharing the stories later. Thanks to modern technology, there are more ways to share your stories than ever! When you take a trip, you can record your story in any number of ways. But if you’re looking for something a little different than the classic photo collage, why not keep some of these ideas in mind.


Keeping a running record of your experiences is a great way to not only remember what you did but how you felt while you were doing it. Journals are nice to look back on because they offer you insights into your expeditions in your own words. You’ll find that when you read through your old adventure journals, you’ll be instantly transported back to the places you were in while you were writing.

If you’re on a jet boat or multi-day whitewater rafting tour of Hells Canyon, you might not think that journaling would be all that practical. After all, water and paper don’t mix, right? Fortunately, there are a few brands that now offer waterproof writing paper, making it easy to jot down notes or write the next great American novel even as you’re getting soaked in a class 3 rapid.


Not even 20 years ago, bringing a video camera out on your adventures might not have been practical. For road warriors taking trips in the family minivan, it might have been a staple, but for those scaling mountain cliffs or blasting down rivers in rafts, the idea of dropping a camera would often mean the device was left at home.

But as the outdoor adventure industry has expanded, so too has the field of adventure-ready cameras. The most notable, of course, is GoPro, but you’ll find any number of competitors. These small cameras shoot high-quality video and can be outfitted with robust, and most importantly, waterproof cases. That means you can mount them to the front of your raft or on the handle of your paddle and catch some amazing footage. The dropping prices on these cameras means that it’s more affordable than ever to record your adventure on video.

Audio Recording

Perhaps not as popular as journaling or video, audio recordings of adventures do have their place. Thanks to the proliferation of podcasts, it’s not unusual to see someone out on a trip with a microphone in hand. You can capture the sounds of the places you explore, which isn’t always recreated faithfully through writing or video. You can also record your running commentary of the experience.

Painting and Drawing

Early explorers would often bring an artist with them to create visual reminders of their experiences. Artists like Thomas Moran were an integral part of making the early National Parks a reality, as their art was the only way to convey the immense palette of colors found in nature. The black and white photos of the time simply didn’t do these spaces justice.

While cameras have largely replaced pen and paper for capturing the visual essence of a place, there’s something to be said for engaging with an adventure through this medium. The next time you go out, bring a sketch pad and pencil, or some paper and watercolors. You might find you better express your feelings and reactions to beautiful places like Hells Canyon through art rather than photos or writing.

Create Stories Worth Sharing With Killgore Adventures

The truth is, there’s no wrong way to record your adventures. You can try anything from the list above, or simply form lasting memories. That’s the beauty of adventure; you can experience it on your own terms.

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