There’s no end to the opportunities for adventure in Hells Canyon. While our jet boat tours of the area are undoubtedly our most popular offering, many people like to explore the canyon on foot. While we admire their willingness to experience nature so closely, we also recognize that getting to certain points in the canyon can be tricky without some help.

That’s why Killgore Adventures offers a jet up and jet back service! Check out some of the advantages this unique service has to offer hikers in Hells Canyon.

Explore More of the Canyon

The Hells Canyon area has much to offer hikers and backpackers. At more than a mile deep, 10 miles wide, and nearly 80 miles long, there’s a lot of ground to cover. In 1975, more than 650,000 acres of untouched wild land were set aside as a national recreation area.

But trying to hike every mile of trail on foot can be a challenge for even the most avid of hikers. That’s one of the reasons we started offering jet up and jet back services. We recognize that some hikers and backpackers might want to hike certain sections of the canyon at a time. By being dropped off along the river’s edge, day hikers and backpackers can get to some of the more remote trailheads quicker.

Saves You Time

Much of Hells Canyon is inaccessible by wheeled vehicles. That makes hiking out to a certain spot in the canyon a time-intensive endeavor. But not everyone has an entire week or more just to hike out to a specific feature or area. For weekend warriors or even day hikers, time is of the essence.

Our jet up and jet back service is ideal for those who want to make quick jaunts into the canyon, or need to get to a certain section quickly. It’s one of the best ways to see a lot of the Snake and Salmon Rivers in a short period of time and gets you where you need to be.

Saves You Effort

Any backpacking expedition takes some serious energy to make a reality. Between packing in enough food for your adventure, your gear, and of course, your few luxury items, your pack can get heavy fast. Hauling all that gear a few extra miles just to get to the actual trailhead might not sound so bad on paper, but can really start to wear on you as soon as the first step.

Whether you’re an ultralight extraordinaire or you pack everything but the kitchen sink, your knees and back will appreciate the break they get at the beginning and end of the adventure by riding with us on our jet boats!

Adds an Exciting New Element to Your Journey

Wanderlust is a powerful feeling and even the most casual of hikers still has a deep desire for adventure. When it comes time to schedule a trip to Hells Canyon, riding our jet boat up the Snake and Salmon rivers adds an unrivaled level of “cool factor” to your trip. It makes for a fun and exciting part of your story to share with your friends when you get home.

The unique experience of riding our jet boats is one that your friends will want to hear about and will be jealous of until they try it for themselves!

It’s Convenient

Beyond just saving you time and effort, our jet up and back service works with your schedule. Any time of the year we’re running out jet boats, we can run you up the canyon. You can schedule in advance to match the dates of your trip so you don’t have to scramble to figure out your travel arrangements the day of. Plus, our location in White Bird, Idaho is easy to get to and is a great place to stay before and after your next expedition into the canyon.

Book Your Ride Today!

Enjoy more of your excursion into Hells Canyon with the jet up and jet back services of Killgore Adventures. Whether your rafting group needs transport to Pittsburg Landing or you want to be dropped deep into the canyon for your next hike, you can get there faster. When you’re done, we can pick you up too! Schedule your pick up and drop off with us today!