Hornstar by 360 degree  The Loop Tour can only be run when the river conditions are at a very specific flow. This usually happens only once or twice a year. The Salmon River conditions must be just right to begin our rare, but exciting Loop Tour! It is two tours in one!

This tour starts at Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake River in Hells Canyon and loops around to the Salmon River into White Bird, where it ends at Killgore Adventures’ private beach. See the beautiful and scenic Hells Canyon as well as the Blue Canyon, Snow Hole Canyon and the Green Canyon of the Salmon River. It is two tours in one!

This 6 hour, 79 mile one way loop tour starts at Pittsburg Landing Marina then takes you through the Scenic section of Hells Canyon, then heads up stream on the Salmon River at the confluence of the Snake and Salmon River, then 53 miles back to the Killgore Adventures facilities on the Salmon. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy both the Salmon River and Snake River on the same one way trip. This tour can only be scheduled when the river flows on the Salmon are between 8500 cfs and 22,000 cfs due to big rapids or shallow rapids. Lunch and beverages included. Future dates to be announced soon.