On any multi-day whitewater rafting trip, you’re sure to experience some highs and lows. The first few days, the exhilaration of river travel might keep you more than occupied. But once your muscles get used to rowing for hours a day and you’ve figured out the tricks to drying off faster at the end of the day, you might need something to fill your time. Fortunately, Killgore Adventures knows how to keep a river trip fun on and off the water. Check out some of our favorite games to play while white water rafting down the Snake River!

Hunker Down

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to be in your raft, it’s rope and old ammo cans. You can play plenty of games with these items. An easy one to play and really get into is Hunker down. Set up two ammo cans about 15 feet apart from each other. Run a length of rope between them, and have someone stand on each of the ammo cans. On the count of three, the two competitors will pull in as much rope as they can. The goal is to pull your opponent off of their ammo can. For players with a good sense of balance, this may quickly become a game of tug of war.


This popular Swedish lawn game is as much at home on a sandy beach somewhere in Hells Canyon as it is in an IKEA store. It’s best described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Two teams of two players compete on a small rectangular field. Each side of the field has 5 rectangular blocks that players try to knock over. In the middle of the field is the “King” block that players are also trying to knock over. Blocks that are knocked over by one team are then thrown by the other team back onto the other side of the field by the other team. Wherever it lands is where the next team can throw from. The game goes back and forth until one side knocks over all of the opposing team’s kubb blocks and the king in one turn.

Pick Up Box

Take a tall cardboard box, like the ones that soda or beer comes in, and tear off both the top and bottom. Take the rectangular hollow box, and stick it in the sand. Players have to balance on one foot with their hands behind their back and bend over to pick up the box with their teeth. After everyone has picked up the box, tear an inch off the top and start again. Keep going until no one can pick up the box anymore. Make sure you clean up all the cardboard scraps and pack them out with you.

Skipping Stones

A longtime favorite for river rats and new rafters alike, skipping stones is a classic game. Start by having everyone throw one stone and counting the skips. See who’s stone skips the most or makes it the farthest, and then compete to beat the record. You can also compete to see who can skip a rock completely across the river. This can be challenging on some sections of the Snake, as the river can get quite wide!

Human Pretzels

Have everyone stand in a circle. Have players join hands with whoever is directly across from them. Players then take their remaining free hand and join hands with another player. The goal from here is to try and untangle the giant human knot without anyone letting go of anyone else’s hand. This game can be quite challenging, and is a great way to work on your teambuilding and communication skills!

Card Games

If nothing else, a deck of cards can be endlessly entertaining while on the river. From poker and blackjack to Egyptian rat slap and B.S., there are a million card games you can play. Cards are easy to slip into a dry bag and don’t take up much space. Just make sure you bring a deck of waterproof cards, as soggy cards are about as fun as playing 52 pick-up.



There’s no end to the fun to be had while exploring the whitewater rapids of the Snake River. Killgore Adventures can take you on a multi-day rafting excursion through the amazing Hells Canyon. Book your expedition today!