We live in an era where it’s easier than ever to take photographs. Thanks to highly specialized digital cameras, as well as the cameras we all have on our smartphones, we can whip out a camera at a moments notice to capture the perfect picture whenever we need to. While cameras do a fine job of capturing images, they don’t always capture the sense and feeling of what you’re photographing. It’s moments like these where it’s always nice to capture a mental photograph of your trip.

Hells Canyon is, without a doubt, one of the most scenic parts of America. Its impressive river networks, massive canyon walls, and huge variety of plants and animals make it truly a sight that needs to be seen to be believed. But you have more senses than just sight. It’s important to remember how all of your other senses were engaged while you were in Hells Canyon. Join Killgore Adventures as we teach you how to take a mental snapshot of your Hells Canyon trip.

Take a Moment

Not nearly as quick as taking a snapshot on your smartphone, taking a mental snapshot doesn’t require much time at all. Whether you’re on one of our jet boat tours, our white water rafting trips, or an ATV adventure you can find time in your day to stop and take a mental snapshot.

If you’re trying to figure out when you should take this mental snapshot, here’s our advice. There will be a certain point on your trip where you will feel the most engaged. This is the time to pull yourself out of that moment, if only temporarily, and take this mental snapshot.

Take a Deep Breath

Once you recognize your moment, it’s important to take a few deep breaths. These breaths help center you and calm your mind. Concentrate on your breathing for just a second while you let your senses attune themselves to the environment.

What Do You See

Visually, Hells Canyon can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s one of the reasons it’s so impressive perhaps. The first part of taking a mental snapshot is to process everything you’re looking at. Slowly turn around, looking up and down, taking in the environment around you. Look for subtle nuances. How is the water traveling along the river? Is the wind making the leaves on the trees move? Is there an animal nearby or perhaps a fish splashing in the water?  Observe everything around you and describe them to yourself in vivid detail.

Close Your Eyes and Listen

Once you have a visual picture of the area in your mind it’s time to close your eyes and engage your other senses. Simply listen to the surroundings for a few moments. Listen to the way the wind plays across the rocks. Hear the gentle babble and gurgal of the river alongside you. Let the sounds of the animals and plants wash across you and fill your mind.

What Does the Area Smell Like

Our sense of smell is the sense that is most strongly associated with developing new memories. That’s because the part of the brain that process smells is right next to the areas of the brain that process learning, emotion, and memory. To give yourself the most vivid memories later on, make sure you take in all the smells that are around you. Because you were in such a wonderfully natural environment in Hells Canyon, your nose will pick up on scents that you may not experience while you’re at home. Wildflowers, the pollen from the trees, and even the river itself all offer their own distinct aromas. Take note of these smells and breathe them in deep through your nose.

Feel Your Feet On the Earth

As you’re engaging all of your other senses, it’s also important to engage your sense of touch. You can stand or sit while you take your mental snapshot. In either case, think about how the Earth feels on the bottom of your feet or as it runs between your fingers. The textures of Hells Canyon are unique to this area and cannot be found anywhere else. Having a textural memory of this place adds nuance and details to your mental snapshot.

Recognize Your Feelings

Finally, think about how this place makes you feel. Often times, those who are new to Hells Canyon feel a sense of immense amazement. Perhaps it’s the scale of this place. Perhaps it’s the diversity of the wildlife. Or perhaps it’s the experience itself. Whatever it is, it’s certainly going to conjure strong emotions within you. Put names to those emotions and remember them. Think about how it made you feel in body and in spirit.

Experience Hells Canyon with Idaho’s #1 Adventure Company

A mental snapshot is a wonderful way to connect with that space no matter where you are. If you’re ready to experience Hells Canyon for yourself, then it’s time to book a tour with Killgore Adventures. We offer unforgettable jet boat tours of the Salmon and Snake Rivers, whitewater rafting trips, and even ATV tours. No matter how you’d like to experience Hells Canyon, we offer the means to do it. Book your Hells Canyon Adventure tour today.