You know that that really granola guy down the street? The one who’s always going on trips to National Parks and forests? You ever wonder why he’s always in a good mood? Why, even when he’s caught in a rainstorm biking home from work he’s still got a smile on his face? It’s because he’s independently discovered something that science is finally getting around to admitting; spending time outside is really good for you. Of course, we at Killgore Adventures already knew this, it’s why we get to play outside all day for a living. But don’t just take a word for it, let’s look at some of the reasoning behind this not-so-hidden secret.

A Nature Walk Might Improve Your Memory

In a study conducted at the University of Michigan, two groups of students were given a memory test. One group then walked through a small forest, while the other walked through a busy city. When both groups had finished the walk, they took the same test. Remarkably, the students who took a walk through the forest did 20% better than their city-slicker counterparts. Other studies have found that walks in nature can help to boost working memory.

Sunlight Does a Body Good

Provided you’re wearing sunscreen, getting a good amount of sunlight each day can have a positive impact on your health. The Harvard Health Letter notes that increased levels of Vitamin D, triggered by sunlight on your skin, helps with a variety of conditions. Issues like osteoporosis, depression, and even heart attacks are helped by increased vitamin D levels in the body.

Get Better Rest

Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder argued that sleeping outside regularly helps to reset their internal clocks. This shift to a more natural sleep-wake cycle isn’t just enjoyed while you’re out on the trail. The study found that those who slept outside went to bed earlier and got sounder sleep after they got back from their trip.

Stay Spry Longer

We’re all looking to age more gracefully, but put down that tube of “miracle paste” and lace up your hiking shoes instead! The Journal of Aging Health released a body of research that showed that going outside daily helped older people stay healthier longer. The study looked at 70-year-olds who went outside each day. These individuals slept better, had fewer aches and pains, and had fewer health problems in general.

Stress Less with Nature

Several studies have shown that spending time in nature does a great job of lowering our perceived stress levels. But remarkably, other studies have found that simply even looking outside or smelling the scent of flowers and trees can lower stress levels. 

Time in Nature Means More Time Exercising

This is an obvious one perhaps, but still good to know. When we exercise, our body’s release endorphins that help us feel good. The release of endorphins is how our bodies react to and recover from stress. But it has the added benefit of reducing our experienced pain and make us feel happier as a result. We’ve all heard about the “runners high,” so we’re sure you can get the same thing from a good hike too! 

Get Outside With Killgore Adventures

Spending time outside is a great way to stay happy and healthy, so why not enjoy the outdoors with us? Killgore Adventures is Idaho’s #1 adventure company, offering jet boat tours of the world famous Hells Canyon, multi-day whitewater rafting trips, helicopter tours, and even ATV tours. Explore rugged country and book your next adventure today!