Power through huge wave trains, explore rugged terrain, and see some of North America’s most amazing wildlife on your jet boat tour of Hells Canyon. Killgore Adventures takes you through the entire Wild River section and through nature preserves, giving you the chance to see truly unforgettable sites. Using our incredible jet boats, we can take you up and down the Snake River and Salmon River. In our blog, we post about our trips, tips for your next jet boat tour, and so much more! Check back often to keep current and book your Hells Canyon jet boat tour today!

  1. Hells Canyon Wild River Bucket List Adventure

      Killgore Adventures has learned from their guests that the Wild River Jet Boat Tour through Hells Canyon's deepest part, has been on several of their guests bucket list for years. This year as many as 11 couples have been able to cross off "Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour" from their B…Read More

  2. Scenic Photography Tour June 21st

               I hope many of you photographers will join me two weeks from    today,  June 21st, on a Photographers Jet Boat Tour of the wild and scenic  portion of  the Snake River in Hells Canyon with outfitter Killgore  Adventures.           The wild and scenic section of the Snake…Read More

  3. Sunday Funday Loop Tour June 14th

    The Salmon River conditions are just right to begin our rare, but exciting Loop Tour on Sunday June 14th. This tour starts at Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake River in Hells Canyon and loops around to the Salmon River into White Bird, where it ends at Killgore Adventures' private beach.   It's one o…Read More

  4. Hell’s Canyon Hikers Have a Story To Write

    Thirty two 7th grade students, and their advisers from the Community School of Sun Valley, Idaho spent the last three days in Hells Canyon! Their assignment:  each student to write a book on the area  history, and their experiences. They ended their hiking adventure with a BBQ put on by Schznit's…Read More

  5. 2015 Wild River Tours are underway in Hells Canyon

    Killgore Adventures first tour of the new season was for a family from Boise who were taking advantage of Spring Break by experiencing Idaho's main attractions throughout the entire state.  Hells Canyon was first on their list. As usual, it was a great day on the river. Their four children really e…Read More

  6. Non-Motorized Dates and NEW! Subscriber Feature

    Hello Fans!  We've been busy getting our website into order, and freshened up for the new 2015 jet boating season. You'll find the 2015 Non-Motorized Dates are posted here. We've also added a new feature to KillgoreAdventures.com so that our fans will find it much easier to stay in the loop with us…Read More

  7. Hells Canyon Steelhead & Salmon Jet Boat Fishing

    Hells Canyon Steelhead & Salmon Jet Boat Fishing near White Bird, Idaho,  is in full swing at Killgore Adventures. Jet Boats are busy at the confluence of the Salmon River and Snake River today with two jet boats and ten fisherman going after the hard fighting Salmon and Steelhead. Guides Homer…Read More

  8. Idaho Whitewater Adventure Trips

    Tourists  wanting the thrill of a whitewater experience without the strenuous effort needed in big whitewater like Hells Canyon has to offer, may like to run those same exciting rapids in a higher and somewhat dryer jet boat. The state of the art jet boats available today have powerful pumps that a…Read More

  9. Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour with Killgore Adventures

    On Killgore Adventures 6 hour tour you will see the deepest most rugged part of Hells Canyon. Their jet boats will take you through all of the Wild River section and the Natural Preserve area and through all the biggest whitewater rapids in Hells Canyon. Along with stops at the many historical and s…Read More