This isn’t just any trip to the local fishing spot, this is adventure fishing at its finest! With Killgore Adventures, you can go on multi-day fishing excursions up the Salmon and Snake Rivers in pursuit of world-class catches like steelhead, trout, and ancient sturgeon. Our friendly fishing guides are excited to share their expertise with you! After one of our riverboat fishing trips, you’re sure to have the best big fish stories around. On the Killgore Adventures blog, you’ll find tips, tricks, and secrets about Hells Canyon’s best fishing spots. Book your riverboat fishing adventure today!

  1. Sturgeon Fishing Tips

    If you’re a serious angler, you know that there’s always a bigger fish out there. Catching the most mammoth of fish makes for an amazing and unforgettable story. For fishers in North America, there’s no greater challenge, or reward, than catching a sturgeon. Unchanged for millions of years, th…Read More

  2. Crafting The Best “Big Fish” Story

    Everyone loves a good story, and it seems like everyone has their own version of a “big fish” story, where the fish they caught grows larger every time they tell the story. But crafting the best big fish story takes more effort than simply talking about the fish. Great big fish stories have dram…Read More

  3. Lessons You Learn From Fishing

    Fishing is widely considered to be one of the most relaxing and contemplative sports out there. When it’s just you, your rod and reel, and the water, it can give you a lot of time to think. While Killgore Adventures amplifies the experience with its riverboat fishing adventures, there are still so…Read More