If you’re a serious angler, you know that there’s always a bigger fish out there. Catching the most mammoth of fish makes for an amazing and unforgettable story. For fishers in North America, there’s no greater challenge, or reward, than catching a sturgeon. Unchanged for millions of years, these fish look like something out of Jurassic Park, not the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Killgore Adventures offers fishing expeditions that go after these leviathans so you can have your chance at a once in a lifetime catch. To make the most of your expedition, read our sturgeon fishing tips.

Go During Sturgeon Fishing Season

It seems like a funny thing to say, but sturgeon do have seasons. Sturgeon enjoy feeding in cooler waters and often can be found most actively feeding in water temperatures between 42 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. These optimal temperatures are often found from April through October in Hells Canyon, and this is when we schedule all of our adventure fishing trips for those pursuing sturgeon.

Only Use Fresh Bait

For small fry like trout and salmon, you might be able to get away with bait that you had stored in your freezer, but sturgeon have particular tastes. The fresher the bait, the better. The optimal bait for sturgeon has three important parts still intact: blood, guts, and the slime coat. When all three of these things are present on your bait, sturgeon will be more attracted to your offering. It may cost you more, but don’t be afraid to change out your bait during your fishing session, as the fresher bait will be more likely to attract your prize.

Pay Attention To The Patterns At The End Of Your Line

Given that the sturgeon can grow to enormous sizes, you might assume that when a sturgeon bites down on your bait, you’ll experience some sort of dramatic event on your end of the line. In reality, the sturgeon’s bite will vary depending on the temperature outside. In colder months, the bites on the bait might be slower and repetitive. That alone will help you distinguish a sturgeon bite from the pull of the current. In warmer weather, the bites will be more aggressive. This is because the sturgeon are entering spawning season, and will be more active.

Move Quickly

Once you feel the sturgeon clamp down on to your lure, make sure to pull the rod back quickly. Yanking the rod back with authority ensures that the hook gets lodged into the sturgeon’s mouth. Once the sturgeon is landed, get ready for a fight. You’ll want to reel your catch in as quickly as possible. If you’re on a boat or the water’s edge, make sure to plant your feet, and if need be secure yourself to the boat, or ask a friend to help hold onto you during the struggle.

Bagging a sturgeon is something that should be on every angler’s to-do list. Check that box and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at the same time by taking a sturgeon riverboat fishing adventure with Killgore Adventures in Hells Canyon! Book your trip today!