We’re always up for a great adventure, but we do recognize that adventuring gets a little challenging during different seasons throughout the year. While we here at Killgore Adventures are retiring to our warm beds in front of cozy fires for the winter, that doesn’t mean that you have to, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the fish have. 

We offer our adventure fishing trips from May to October every year, but the fact is, you can go fishing in Idaho nearly all year round. Don’t believe us? Check out some of these places in Idaho where the fishing are biting even during a cold snap.

Winter Fishing in Idaho

There’s no denying that Idaho is a dream for outdoor recreators of all kinds. Thanks to its unique terrain and more than 100,000 miles of rivers, anglers, in particular, are treated to some world-class fishing options year-round. Below we’ve put together a quick list of some of our favorite places to go fishing when it starts to get cold outside. You can find out more about these spaces on the Idaho Fish and Game website.

The Panhandle Region

Throughout the panhandle, you’ll find a myriad of lakes that are flush with fish even in winter time. When the weather is right, you’ll enjoy great ice fishing opportunities to pursue northern pike. It’s not uncommon for anglers to catch pike that weigh in at 20 or more pounds. 

If you’re headed to the Panhandle to do some fishing, check out Hayden lake. The north end of the lake routine freezes over during the winter. You can also explore the Coeur d’Alene chain lakes, which is also popular for those in pursuit of pike. We’re also fans of Avondale Lake, which is not far from Hayden and Coeur d’Alene, making it easy to access. Populations of perch and bluegill have been in flux, so wildlife managers have been stocking the lake with rainbow trout for winter fishers. You can find public parking for the lake at the Avondale Golf Club.

The Southwest Region

Traveling to the other corner of the state, you’ll find great fishing on the Boise River. Sections of the river are warmed by the Lucky Peak reservoir, which means that trout and whitefish are active during the colder months. You’ll also see the occasional steelhead which has been kept stocked for anglers, in particular. At Mann Creek Reservoir, ice fishers can pursue rainbow trout and red bands. The C.J. Strike reservoir surprisingly stays free of ice even in winter, making it ideal for those looking to do some fishing from its banks. Finally, you can visit the Wilson Springs Ponds in Nampa, which are spring-fed and serve as an urban fishery that’s kept stocked with rainbow trout.

The Salmon and Snake Rivers

We’d be remiss if we didn’t cover our favorite rivers in Idaho. 

Along the Snake River, just below American Falls reservoir, you’ll find thriving populations of trout. On warm winter days, you’re likely to catch more than enough to satisfy you and your fishing pals. Along the Snake River’s South Fork, you’ll find a near-limitless supply of rainbow trout. You’ll even have the chance to reel in some whitefish.

Pull on your hiking boots or hop on an ATV and head up the East Fork of the Salmon River to get to Jimmy Smith Lake. You’ll find tons of rainbow trout with a 25-ish limit, more than enough to satiate even the most avid of anglers. Plus, head to Hayden ponds to find a spring-fed pond that stays ice-free, making it easy to catch trout.

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