1. Understanding The River Rapids Class System

    Often, when our customers first arrive for their jet boat tour or white water rafting trip, at least one person will pipe up about what category of rapids we’ll be taking them through. The fixation, of course, is on class 5 rapids, as fearsome as they sound. But many people don’t understand what…Read More

  2. Taking The Perfect River Photo

    Like all good blogs about photography, we’ll open with the old cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this may be the case, sometimes the photos you take are only met with a few words like “did you mean for the photo to turn out like this?” It’s true, river photography can …Read More

  3. Sturgeon Facts

    While we run adventure fishing trips up and down Hells Canyon for most of the year, there’s one season, in particular, our team waits for with baited breath; sturgeon season. These immense river monsters are an unforgettable part of our adventure fishing trips, and catching one is often a crowning…Read More

  4. Backcountry Fishing Basics Pt. 2

    There are few things more peaceful and gratifying than spending a few hours fishing. Those moments are even better when you’re the only one out fishing at your favorite spot. But frontcountry fishing can get busy fast, and soon your secluded spot is overwhelmed by families and weekend warriors. Wh…Read More

  5. Backcountry Fishing Basics

    For those taking fishing tours with Killgore Adventures, we’ll provide all of the gear you would need during our multi-day fishing expeditions. But if you’re backpacking into Hells Canyon and still want to fish, you’ll need to change your approach. You’ll need to pack lighter fishing gear, a…Read More

  6. Types Of Fish In Hells Canyon

    Here at Killgore Adventures, we spend a lot of time out on the water. Between running jet boat tours up and down Hells Canyon, and leading fishing trips, we’ve learned a lot about the fish that live in the canyon. Throughout the fishing season, there are parts of the year where some fish flourish …Read More

  7. Sturgeon Fishing Tips

    If you’re a serious angler, you know that there’s always a bigger fish out there. Catching the most mammoth of fish makes for an amazing and unforgettable story. For fishers in North America, there’s no greater challenge, or reward, than catching a sturgeon. Unchanged for millions of years, th…Read More

  8. Crafting The Best “Big Fish” Story

    Everyone loves a good story, and it seems like everyone has their own version of a “big fish” story, where the fish they caught grows larger every time they tell the story. But crafting the best big fish story takes more effort than simply talking about the fish. Great big fish stories have dram…Read More

  9. Lessons You Learn From Fishing

    Fishing is widely considered to be one of the most relaxing and contemplative sports out there. When it’s just you, your rod and reel, and the water, it can give you a lot of time to think. While Killgore Adventures amplifies the experience with its riverboat fishing adventures, there are still so…Read More

  10. ATV Riding For Beginners

    So, you’ve traveled up and down the Snake River on one of our amazing jet boat tours, and you’re ready to explore Hells Canyon in a brand new way. One that gets you in touch with the trees, earth, and hills that line the canyon. Lucky for you, Killgore Adventures offers exciting escapes on land …Read More