1. Taking A Mental Snapshot Of Your Hells Canyon Trip

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  2. ATV Tour Essentials Part 2

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  3. ATV Tour Essentials

    Going on an ATV tour is one of the most exciting things you can do throughout the year. That's why at Killgore Adventures we're so excited to offer our own ATV tours of Hells Canyon. Not only will we take you on some of the most amazing trails and paths in the mountain ranges that line the canyon, b…Read More

  4. Wildlife in Hells Canyon, Idaho

    One of the most appealing parts of traveling through the Hells Canyon region of Idaho is the chance to see some truly incredible wildlife. Here Killgore Adventures, it's common for us to focus on what lies beneath the waters of the Salmon and Snake Rivers. But despite being avid fisherman, we're alw…Read More

  5. Are You Making These Common Whitewater Rafting Mistakes?

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  6. 4 Simple Tips For Improving Your Fly Fishing

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  7. Whitewater Rafting Myths

    Perhaps it’s the winding nature of the river itself or all of the hidden creatures and treasures beneath the waves, but river travel has a mysterious quality to it. As such, whitewater rafting is often the subject of many myths and mistakes. Some hold an edge of truth to them, while others just do…Read More

  8. Tips For First-Time Whitewater Rafters

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  9. 5 Reasons To Take A Guided Fishing Trip On The Snake River

    If there’s one thing that defines all anglers, it’s a sense of independence and pride. A DIY attitude extends from rod and reel to the end of your hand-tied fly. Some might chafe at the idea of hiring a fishing guide for a trip out on the Snake River, but it’s a better idea than you might firs…Read More

  10. The Best Way to Break In New Hiking Boots

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