While the weather outside may be frightful, that doesn’t mean your ATV will shy away. You’re All-Terrain-Vehicle feels just as at home in the snow and ice as your snowshoes or skis. If you’re ready to tackle the land of ice and snow this winter, you’ll want to prepare a little differently than you would during the warmer months. While we offer ATV trips during the summer, the Killgore Adventures crew loves to take their ATVs and RZRs out during the winter sometimes. Here are some tips and tricks they’ve learned that can make your winter ride more enjoyable.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The drop in temperatures affects multiple parts of your vehicle. A less obvious effect is that the cold temperature can lower your tire pressure. Fortunately, a lower tire pressure actually improves your traction in snow and ice. That said, it’s best to check your tires before heading out into the cold. You don’t want your tire pressure to be too low and run a flat as a result. A few pounds below the manufacturer’s recommendation is fine.

Maintan Your Battery’s Charge

When you’re not riding your ATV or RZR during the winter months, it’s never a bad idea to put a battery tender on it. The cold air can drain the power out of your battery, making it unusable when you fire it up in springtime, or in January when you’re ready for a wild ride through the snow.

Heated Grips and Hand Mitts

If you do a good job of wearing layers and protecting your face with goggles and balaclavas, your core should stay nice and toasty, even in the chilliest of conditions. But the cold air whipping across your hands as you ride will leave them cold, tired, and numb. Fortunately, you can remedy these things by using heated grips and hand mitts. Heated grips can be quickly added to your handlebars, and can be flipped on and off as needed. This makes riding much more comfortable. While heated grips are nice, if you want to prevent wind chill, you can easily add a pair of hand mitts to your handlebars. These essentially act as giant windbreaks and gloves for your hands, keeping them warmer. They have the added benefit of keeping snow and brush off your hands, too.

Boots and Socks

Your feet work hard when you’re riding your ATV. They stabilize you and help you break, or even shift gears. During winter, you’ll want boots that are durable and waterproof. In general, a winter boot will be best for winter riding, as they are waterproof and insulated, ensuring your feet stay warm and dry in any conditions. Of course, your boots need support, and that’s where good socks come in handy. Now’s the time to bring out your cushioned wool socks. Wool stays warm, even when wet, and dries quickly, making it ideal for winter use.

So there you have it! With these tips, you can enjoy traveling the trails all year long, no matter the weather. And when the weather starts to clear up, you can enjoy the amazing vistas and views of Hells Canyon on an ATV tour with Killgore Adventures. Book your tour now!