While Killgore Adventures is perhaps best known for our spectacular jet boat tours of Hells Canyon, we offer a myriad of options to explore this amazing landscape and connect with its natural splendor. One of those ways is our guided hunting trips on our private ranch. If you’re excited to go on a hunting adventure like none other but have never hunted before, a great place to start your journey is right here with this blog. Here are some great tips to keep in mind for your first hunt.

Sign Up for a Hunter Safety Course

Hunting is an enjoyable hobby and sport, but it can also be a dangerous one. If you’ve never hunted before, or even if you’re new to firearms, we strongly encourage you to take a hunter safety course before you even consider signing up for one of our guided hunts. These courses will teach you the basic skills you need to handle yourself and your firearm safely while hunting. This ensures that you and your hunting party are safe and that you’re following the best practices of hunting.

Don’t Get Lost in the Camo

Camouflage gets better every year, and hunters can now purchase camo outfits that are specific to certain regions and even times of year within those regions. It might be exciting to pour over catalogs of camo clothing or peruse endless websites to find the perfect bit of kit, but for your first hunt, you really don’t need to go crazy on the camo. Instead, prioritize comfort and mobility. For your first hunt, you want to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the weather, and have layers that will keep you warm in adverse conditions. Similarly, you’ll be hiking and moving a lot throughout the day, so it’s important to wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. If you’re really stuck on the camo idea, you can just wear shades of green and brown, as that alone will help.

Pick Your Prey Wisely

North America is renowned for its immense big game hunting opportunities. Idaho is no different, as we have elk, deer, mountain lions, and beers roaming the hills and mountains in the state. While it might be tempting to go after “the big one” for your first hunt, it’s best to go after something smaller first. First, it’s easier to bring your kill back with you, and second, it’s often much cheaper. Some animals have tags that make it more expensive to hunt them than others. A deer makes a great first hunt and is affordable too.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

For many, when they think of hunting, all they plan on bringing is their firearm and their hunter’s spirit. No doubt, these are important things to bring, but should likely be the last things on your packing list. Depending on how long your trip lasts and how much time you spend in the field, you’ll want to consider what essentials you bring with you. If you’re only out for the day, bring a day pack with you, and include items that you would bring with you on a normal hike. Water is essential, so bring 3-4 liters with you. Sunscreen and bug spray are a must. A rain jacket keeps you dry in a sudden downpour and can cut the wind too. Bring some snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day. Of course, don’t forget your compass and map.

Listen to Your Guide

On our private ranch hunts, we’ll pair you with an experienced hunting guide. Not only will they help you bag your first animal, but they’ll also instruct you on how to make the most of your experience. They are excited to share their skills and insights with you. The more you listen to your guide, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Should you choose to continue hunting after your first outing, you’ll already have a set of skills and the knowledge you need to successfully hunt in the future.

Ready to go on your first hunt? Join Killgore Adventures as we trek through some of the most amazing scenery Idaho has to offer in pursuit of a variety of big game animals. You can sign up for your guided private ranch hunt today, and even book an ATV tour of Hells Canyon while you’re at it.