Going on an ATV tour is one of the most exciting things you can do throughout the year. That’s why at Killgore Adventures we’re so excited to offer our own ATV tours of Hells Canyon. Not only will we take you on some of the most amazing trails and paths in the mountain ranges that line the canyon, but we’ll also tell you about the history and wildlife of the region.

But if you’ve already gone on an ATV tour with Killgore Adventures, you might be ready to take a tour on your own. The packing list for an ATV tour isn’t quite the same as packing for a simple backpacking trip, nor is it similar to packing for car camping. There are certain specific items and skills you’ll need to have with you as you take your ATV tour of Hells Canyon.

A Tow Rope

If there’s one thing you can expect while traveling by ATV in Hell’s Canyon, it’s that you’re never quite ready for what’s around the corner. Depending on the time of the year, the trails might be muddy, slick, or covered in snow and ice. An ATV does a great job of managing and blasting through a lot of this terrain, but on occasion you might find your vehicle loses traction and slides off the side of the trail.

In other situations, you might run out of gas or your battery might die. In moments like these, a tow rope is essential to have in your bag of goodies. You can tie one end to a working ATV to drag the disabled or stranded ATV out of its tricky situation. While you can buy tow rope specifically designed for your ATV, you can also use any sturdy rope, as it may cost less.

Tire Repair Kit

This is likely something you don’t have stashed in your own car but that’s because you’re driving on paved roads. On an ATV, you’re going across some of the most rugged terrain out there. That’s why it’s so important to have a tire repair kit with you. At minimum you should consider including the following tools and supplies:

  • Extra tire tubes. You’re never quite sure when you might pop a tire. Having an extra tube on hand is invaluable.
  • A tire patch kit. You can either use patches, Fix-A-Flat, or a tire plug kit but make sure you have something on hand to fill those holes in your tires.
  • An air pump. Whether you choose to use a CO2 cartridge-based pump or a manual pump having one on hand is invaluable when you start to lose air in a tire.
  • Tire iron. The tires on your ATV are rugged and ready for anything, but that also means they’re difficult to get off of your machine. Having a tire iron that offers you enough leverage is the key to making any tire change quick.

Having these tools on hand is a great way to take to make a potentially adventure ruining experience into the simple minor mishap.

Extra Fuel

You would think this would make it to the top of every packing list for an ATV rider, but we’re surprised by the number of ATV tours we see that head out with no extra fuel. Because your ATV does not have as large a fuel capacity as your vehicle, it’s important to keep extra fuel with you. You’re never sure when you might make a wrong turn or your two-hour outing suddenly becomes an eight-hour one. In times like these, having a little extra fuel is always a good idea.

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Your ATV tour packing list isn’t quite finished yet. But don’t worry, our experts will break down the rest of your packing list in our next blog post. Stay tuned and we’ll see you soon.

Until then, it’s time to book your tour of Hells Canyon with Killgore Adventures! We offer a bunch of great ways to explore this beautiful region of the country. Whitewater rafting, jet boat tours, and of course, ATV rides are some of our most popular choices. Book your tour today!