Do you ever find yourself searching for something more? When trips to the mall aren’t cutting it and the local city park has lost its majesty, you might wonder, “What does adventure truly look like?”

Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer. 

When you visit White Bird, Idaho, adventure takes many forms. In and around the astonishing natural landscapes and vistas of Hells Canyon, adventure truly has no end. Here at Killgore Adventures, we take outdoor recreation a little more seriously than some. It only makes sense then that we share the fun with you by inviting you on our adventures! Where you’re looking to drift down distant rivers, get a new perspective on things, or saunter down dusty trails, we’ve got something that will satisfy that restless urge within you.

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We’re Idaho’s #1 Adventure Company For a Reason

More than 20 years ago, the Killgore family had the wild idea to purchase a jet boat. After all, what better way to explore the expansive Snake and Salmon Rivers than by bombing through their immense wave trains on a jet-powered boat?

Realizing that these places were worth sharing, Kurt Killgore started offering tours to friends and family, and soon the word spread that Killgore Adventures was Idaho’s go-to for weekend getaways. In the more than two decades since, Killgore Adventures has expanded and grown, offering new and exciting ways to explore this spectacular part of Idaho.

Along the way, Kurt and his team of experienced river outfitters and guides have earned more than their fair share of accolades. In 2017, Kurt was named the Idaho Guide of the Month and was later featured on Nat Geo’s Legendary Catch in 2019.

When you explore with Killgore Adventures, you’ll see why we’re the #1 adventure company in Idaho. But what sets us apart? It’s everything we offer and so much more.

Hells Canyon: A Great Place to Play

We consider ourselves pretty lucky. How many people get to say they’ve got a National Recreation Area for a backyard

Sprawling across more than 650,000 acres, Hells Canyon plays host to some of the most dramatic vistas and landscapes in the world. As America’s deepest river gorge, Hells Canyon is remarkable for the dramatic changes in terrain, elevation, conditions, and wildlife as you twist and turn along with the broad rivers that run through the canyon.

This immense landscape is spoken of reverent terms amongst fishers, boaters, rafters, and kayakers. Hikers and backpackers speak fondly of the time they spend in the rolling hills, cliffs, and peaks. Off-road riders are treated to miles and miles of ATV and RZR trails.

The truth is, if you’re looking to recreate in the outdoors of Idaho, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot than Hells Canyon. It’s one of the reasons we offer so many great adventure options throughout the year!

Jet Boat Tours

The tour that made us famous. Our jet boat tour is some of the most fun you can ever have on a family vacation. We run tours throughout the year and visit some of the best and most jaw-dropping parts of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in the process. 

Guided by our team of expert river guides, our jet boat tours take you through the entire Wild River section and into the nearby Nature Preserve area. In the process, you and your friends and family will power through some of the biggest and most intense rapids on the river!

Along the way, your guide will treat you to a presentation that includes facts and information about the history of the region, the environment around you, and of course, the amazing animals that call Hells Canyon home! Each tour also includes stops at historic and scenic sites, a complimentary lunch, hydrating drinks, and the opportunity to relax and swim at a beach at the end of the tour.

In addition to our jet boats, we also offer our world-class jet boat transport services. This is great for hikers, backpackers, or just day-trippers who want to explore the parts of Hells Canyon that are nearly inaccessible except by boat. We’ll haul you and all of your gear to your destination and then pick you up at the end of your expedition. We’re also happy to pick up rafters and kayakers and bring them upriver to Pittsburg Landing or the Hells Canyon Dam.

Adventure Fishing

two sturgeons being held by four men in Hells CanyonWhen the local fishing spots just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to take your fishing trips to a new level. Quit chasing minnows and go after the freshwater fish that anglers of all ages dream about.

Our adventure fishing trips are so much more than just a riverboat fishing trip. Throughout your trip, you’ll navigate your way through class 3 and 4 rapids, take in the wonders of the canyon around you, and connect with wildlife. Plus, you’ll catch tons of fish! 

Our river fishing guides handle all of the gear, licenses, and logistics. All you have to do is bring your lucky lure and your thirst for adventure. 

We run a few different adventure fishing trips based on the time of year.

  • May through June: Salmon Fishing
  • September through March: Steelhead fishing
  • April through October: Sturgeon Fishing
  • April through October: Trout and Bass Fishing

You read that right ─ sturgeon fishing. Only on a Killgore Adventures fishing trip will you have the chance to reel in one of these ancient leviathans. Reaching lengths of up to 12 feet, these fish are truly a sight you need to see for yourself. If you’re looking to have the end-all-be-all of big fish stories, this is the best way to make it happen!

Helicopter Tours

There are few sights more dramatic than being at the bottom of Hells Canyon and looking up at its towering walls. It’s certainly an experience that puts you in your place and gives you a new perspective on things. But it’s another experience entirely to soar gracefully above the canyon and to dip down into it like a bird.

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our helicopter tours. We offer three unique flights for you to enjoy so you can see all of the best parts of the canyon from a new angle. All of our flights take off from our headquarters and bring you back to the same place. a group inspecting a helicopter

  • Our Kirkwood Tour is a 20-minute blast up to Kirkwood Creek and Ranch, and then along the Salmon River back to Killgore Adventures HQ. 
  • On the 30-minute Sheep Creek Tour you’ll have the chance to cruise up and around Sheep Creek Ranch, past Kirkwood Creek to the Cow Creek Saddle and back. 
  • Finally, our 45-minute Granite Creek Tour rolls the previous two tours into one, adding in a sweep past River View Saddle and down Deer Creek so you can view Pittsburg Landing on the Snake River. 

All out of tours offer you the chance to see some of the deepest parts of the canyon, as well as the amazing views of the top of the canyon. 

RZR and ATV Tours

Do you balk at boat trips? Feel hesitant about helicopters? No problem. We really do have something for everyone, including our premier RZR and ATV tours! These tours are a great way to see some of the finest mountain peaks that Idaho has to offer. It’s easy to crawl over the rugged terrain of the canyon area in one of our capable off-road vehicles. We run these tours throughout the most visually striking parts of the recreation area, meaning you’ll have the chance to take in alpine lakes, a wide array of animals, and the sweeping rivers and canyons below you. 

The Killgore Family has lived in this area for more than a century, so we know the best places to go on these ATV tours to ensure you get the ride of a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a simple afternoon out, or an all-day expedition, we can accommodate that with our ATV and RZR tours and rentals.

Whitewater Rafting Trips

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to power through a rapid? Are you looking for a heart-pounding thrill ride that’s always changing? Just looking for a new way to connect with the waterways of Idaho? Sounds like you need to sign up for one of our whitewater rafting expeditions!

white water raftingLooking to just dip your toe in the water so to speak? Check out our half-day whitewater rafting trips. You’ll be guided through class 2, 3, and 4 rapids as you float down some of the most amazing stretches of the Salmon River, including the Time Zone, Tight Squeeze, Black Rock, Ladder and other popular sections. These trips take you down 10 miles of the river and last about four hours. If that’s not enough to satiate your need for rafting, we’ve got an all-day trip that lasts six hours, includes lunch, and takes you through some truly amazing rapids.

Of course, if you’re looking for a real adventure, then you’ll want to sign on for our multi-day whitewater rafting expeditions. You’ll get the real river runner experience over three to four days. Featuring the perfect mix of exciting rapids stretches of smooth water and overnight camping along pristine beaches, you’ll really get to know Hells Canyon. These trips take you to some of the most remote sections of the lower Salmon River and have no road access. That means we’ll transport you out on our jet boats. 

On all of our whitewater trips, you’ll learn about the unique geological features of Hells Canyon, how the river shaped the area, about the plants and animals that call this region home, and so much more.

Private Ranch Hunts

The Hells Canyon region truly is an outdoor paradise. In addition to our rafting and boat tours, we also offer another way for you to connect with the natural world. We offer guided hunting tours for some of the biggest game in Idaho, including deer, elk, bear, and mountain lion. Our whitetail deer hunts are a classic and one of our most popular choices. 

Whether you’re an experienced hunter, or new to the activity, our professional hunting guides can take you on a journey in the pursuit of harvesting a big game animal. We offer three-day trips that take you all over our private ranch that runs along the Salmon River, just south of White Bird, Idaho.

Why Choose Us?

After reading all that, you might be thinking, “That all sounds great, but why should I choose you guys over any of the other adventure companies in Idaho?”

We’re glad you asked.

The fact is, you simply will not find a more experienced adventure company out there. Not only do we know the Hells Canyon region better than anyone, but we also take our work seriously. We’ve designed all of our tours to pack in as much fun as possible. More than just anglers, river runners, and helicopter pilots, all of our team members are talented storytellers that are sure to keep you engaged every minute of your trip.

While we might seem like a bunch of care-free outdoor enthusiasts, we take your experience and your safety seriously. We begin all of our tours with safety checks and talks so you can concentrate on having fun and not whether you’re going to go overboard.

We know we offer one of the best outdoor experiences out there and that our adventures are unrivaled in Idaho.

Can’t Get Enough of Our Adventures?

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Hells Canyon has commanded the Idaho landscape for millennia, but there’s no better time to see it than now! With tours and trips available throughout the year, there’s no excuse not to take some time away from the hum-drum of daily life and have an experience you’ll never forget.

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